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Whether you are a restaurant, individual or wholesaler - whether you need shipments locally or nationally, overnight or regular delivery - Monterey Abalone Company has the highest reputation for quality products and superior customer service.

To assure the highest quality of service, all orders must be confirmed by telephone.

You may choose from various size classes (from 3½ up to about 5 inches in shell length) to best meet their needs. One pound of 3½-inch abalone yields about four meals, while a 5-inch abalone weighs about ¾ pound. The edible portion of abalone comprises about 40 - 45% of their live weight.

Abalone Weight / Abalone Length

1/4 lb / 3.4 in (85-90mm)
1/3 lb / 3.8 in (95-100mm)

1/2 lb / 4.2 in (105-110mm)
3/4 lb / 4.6 in (115-120mm)
1 lb / 5.3 in (130-138mm)
1-1/4 lb / 5.6 in (140-145mm)
1-1/2 lb / 5.9 in (150+mm)

Please note that larger sizes are not always available.

If you wish to place an order by fax (831-646-0350) or email, please provide the following information:

1 -Company name
2 -Person placing order
3 -Telephone number
4 - Shipping location/address
5 - Abalone size and quantity
6 - Shipping details
7 - Payment details

We will contact you directly by telephone to confirm your order.

NOTE: Overnight shipping is available Monday thru Thursday. Extra delivery charges apply for orders shipped on Friday’s for Saturday delivery. Please allow 48 hours for order process and delivery.

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