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Here are some of the more popular suggestions for how to prepare abalone. The recipes are for the preparation of fresh, frozen or par boiled abalone. Click on the recipe for details:

Pan Fried Abalone
Sautéed Abalone
Abalone Chowder
Stir Fried Abalone
Stir Fried Abalone with Cucumber
Avocado Abalone
Abalone Supreme
Abalone Pasta
Stir Fried Abalone
Deep Fried Abalone
Soy & Honey Abalone
Abalone Steaks
Abalone Hamburgers
Canned Abalone
Western Style Abalone

Appetizer Suggestion
Entree Suggestion

Preparation of Fresh, Frozen or par boiled Abalone:

1. Scrub clean with a brush under running water.
2. Trim frill or edges with a sharp knife.
3. Tenderize Abalone with a steak hammer until muscle fiber is broken.

NOTE: We do not recommend that the black epidermal layer around the edge of the foot be trimmed with a knife. If desired the black layer can be scrubbed off with a scouring pad such as are used to scrub dishes.


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