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Monterey Abalone Company provides farmed California red abalone fresh from their natural ocean environment. The abalones are sold live, in the shell, by the pound.

Because our abalones are shipped fresh and alive, care is required to maintain the highest quality and taste. Once the abalone have been received, they can be transferred to your holding tank for long-term storage (up to a week). Otherwise, the abalone can remain in their shipping bag, unopened, (the air tight bags contain supplemental oxygen), for up to 24 hours (chilled). Or you can prepare them for serving fresh within five days. We recommend that abalone be processed before they die, so that the meat will tenderize evenly.

For transfer to holding tanks or aquariums after shipping, we recommend the following:

The quality of the water in the aquarium is very important. The ideal temperature is about 55 degrees Fahrenheit, the salinity should be about 33 ppt, and ammonium levels should be low. Abalone do not last very long when put into tanks with other animals such as crab or lobsters.

When the abalone are received form the shipper, the plastic bag containing the abalone should be removed from the Styrofoam box as soon as possible, and placed, unopened in the tank. Float the bag on the water in the tank for 20-30 minutes to allow the abalone to equilibrate their temperature to that of the tank. Then open the bag, and place the abalones in the water. The surfaces in the tank should be smooth to facilitate the removal of the abalone. If the surfaces are slotted, grooved, or perforated, the abalone will be very difficult to remove without damaging their feet.

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