Monterey Abalone Company

The Abalone Song

Some think that the Lord is fat                          Some live on hope, and some on dope
And some that he is bony                                   And some on alimony
But as for me, I think that he                             But bring me in a pail of gin
Is like an abalone                                                And a tub of abalone

Some drink rain, and some champagne
            By Carmel Bay the people say
And whiskey by the pony                                    We feed the lazaroni
But I will try a dash of rye                                  On Boston beans and fresh sardines
And a hunk of abalone                                        And toothsome abalone

Oh, some like ham, and some like jam               He hides in caves beneath the waves
And some like macaroni                                      His ancient patrimony
But our tomcat, he lives on fat                            And so ‘tis shown that faith alone
And juicy abalone                                                Reveals the abalone

The more we take, the more they make             Some stick to biz, some flirt with Liz
In deep-sea matrimony                                        Down on the sands of Coney
Pray suicide will ne’er be tried                            But we by Hell, stay in Carmel
By the fertile abalone                                          And nail the abalone

I telegraph my better half
By Morse or by Marconi
But when in need of greater speed
I send an abalone

Oh, Mission Point’s a friendly joint
Where every crab’s a crony
And true and kind you’ll ever find
The faithful abalone

He wanders free beside the sea
Where e’er the coast is stony
He flaps his wings, and madly sings
The plaintive abalone


Monterey Abalone Company
160 Municipal Wharf No.2   Monterey, California 93940
Tel/fax (831) 646-0350